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Table 1

Mesh materials and their biological response.

S.No Material Commercially available meshes Inflam mation Granu locytes Fibro blasts Giant cells Macropha ges Adhesions Classi fication Tissue in growth Resis tance to infection
1. Marlex Abun dant75 Moderate Moderate75 Moderate75 Moderate Moderate76 permanent76 Extensive76 High76
2. Polypro pylene Prolene Moderate77 Slight77 Abundant77 Moderate77 Mild to Moderate77 Mild to Moderate76 permanent76 Extensive76 High76
4. Polyester Mersilene Abundant75 Abundant75 Abundant75 Abundant75 Abundant75 Mode rate permanent76 Exten sive May promote
5. Expanded polytetra-fluroethy-lene Gore-tex Moderate75 Moderate75 Moderate75 Moderate75 Moderate75 Rare Perma nent Mini mal May promote
6. Intramesh T1 Minimal80 Mild to Moderate81 Moderate Moderate81 Moderate81 Mild to Moderate81 Permanent81 Allows on PP side Nil81
Synthetic and partially-absorbable meshes
7. Polyglactin 910 Vicryl Nil76 Nil 76 Minimal76 Nil 76 Nil 76 Rare Partially-absorbable86 Mild Moderate Mesh dissolves
8. Poligleca-prone 25 Ultrapro® Moderate79 Moderate79 Abundant to slight Slight/ Moderate to Moderate Slight/ Moderate to Moderate Mild to Mode rate Partially-absorbable86 Nil 79 Nil 80
9. Polypro pylene C-Qur® Slight to Moderate Moderate82 Slight/ Moderate to Moderate Slight/ Moderate to slight Slight/ Moderate to slight Less Absorbable79 Nil 79 Nil 80
10. Polyester Parietex composite Moderate79 Moderate79 Abundant79 Abundant79 Abundant79 Mild80 to Moderate79 Absorbable79 High80 Nil 80
11. Composite meshes Vypro II Mode rate Moderate Mild to Moderate Mild to Moderate Moderate Mini mal Partially Moderate Nil
12. Proceed Moderate77 Slight77 Abundant77 Moderate77 Mild to Moderate77 High78 Absorbable79 Allows on PP side80 Nil
13. Human -Derived AlloDerm® Moderate to nil84 Moderate84 Moderate to Minimal84 Moderate to minimal84 Moderate84 Nil84 Partially-absorbable84 High84 Nil84
14. Non Human derived CollaMend Moderate84 Moderate84 Moderate to Minimal84 Minimal to moderate84 Minimal to moderate84 Nil 84 Partially-absorbable84 High84 Nil 84