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Table 5

The correlation of β2 Mwith duration of disease, SLEDAI, ESR level, CRP, anti-ds DNA, C4, C3 and 24 urine protein in SLE patients.

Variables The level of β2Microglobuline (ng/dl)
Spearman correlation coefficient
Duration of disease (day) -0.26 .07
Score of disease activity (SLEDAI) 0.39 0.001
ESR level (mm/h) 0.33 0.02
CRP level 0.34 0.01
Anti- ds DNA (IU/ml) 0.15 0.31
C4 components -0.02 0.90
C3 components -0.13 0.39
24-hour urine protein (mg/24 h) 0.37 0.01

SLEDAI: systemic lupus erythematosus Disease Activity Index

ESR: Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

CRP: C reactive protein

Anti- ds DNA: Anti-ds DNA: Anti-double stranded DNA

C3: Complement component 3

C4: Complement component 4