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Table 1

List of upregulated genes in the mRNA degradation pathway following PPARα activation.

Gene Id Gene Name Log2 Fold Change P-value Adjusteda KEGG BRIT(mRNA Degradation Factors) Localization
3’→5’ decay
 ENSG00000120699 RRP43, EXOSC8 1.216 0.0003653 Core exosome factor Nucleus/Cytoplasm
 ENSG00000075914 RRP42, EXOSC7 1.028 0.0013357 Core exosome factor Nucleus/Cytoplasm
 ENSG00000171311 CSL4, EXOSC1 1.348 0.0003653 Core exosome factor Nucleus/Cytoplasm
 ENSG00000112941 TRF4, PAPD7 2.015 0.0003653 TRAMP complex Nucleus
 ENSG00000039123 Mtr4, SKIV2L2 1.727 0.0325274 TRAMP complex Nucleus
 ENSG00000171824 RRP6, EXOSC10 2.019 0.0003653 Exosome cofactor Nucleus/Cytoplasm
 ENSG00000135698 MPP6, MPHOSPH6 1.119 0.0075373 Exosome cofactor Nucleus
 ENSG00000111596 CNOT2, NOT2 2.235 0.0003653 Ccr4-NOT complex Cytoplasm
 ENSG00000088038 CNOT3, NOT3 1.839 0.0003653 Ccr4-NOT complex Cytoplasm
 ENSG00000204351 SKI2, SKIV2L 1.773 0.0019390 Ski complex Cytoplasm
 ENSG00000198677 Ski3, TTC37 1.385 0.0003653 Ski complex Cytoplasm
5’→3’ decay
 ENSG00000038358 EDC4 1.443 0.0062746 Decapping complex Cytoplasm
 ENSG00000114127 XRN1, SEP1 2.397 0.0298322 5’ Exoribonuclease Cytoplasm

a P-value is adjusted for multiple testing using Benjamini and Hochberg’s approach to estimate the false discovery rate.